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Where to Find a Duramax For Sale

Where to Find a Duramax For Sale

Have you been searching for a powerful diesel engine that can handle your daily grind and then some?  Have you considered purchasing one of many Duramax for sale–a powerful V8 diesel engine that’s made to last?  Thanks in large part to commercial advertising, there are currently many Duramax for sale and the name has become well-known, due to its amazing performance and affordable price.  In this article we will spend some time talking about the Duramax engine and outline a few places where you may be able to pick up a Duramax for sale.

What Is a Duramax?

The name Duramax describes a family of diesel engines intended primarily for small and medium trucks, as well as some vans and larger trucks.  The Duramax engine was originally designed by Isuzu and is now manufactured through a joint combination of Isuzu and General Motors in Moraine, Ohio in the United States.  The Duramax engine, which boasts a capacity of 6.6 liters, is the property of General Motors.  It was initially installed in 2001 in both Chevy and GMC trucks.  Since then, the Duramax has become a popular option on several different types of pickups vans and light-duty trucks.

Finding a Duramax For Sale:  Types of Duramax Engines

There are several different types of diesel engines in the Duramax family, and although they are for the most part fairly similar, there are a few variations.  Below is just a small sample of the types of Duramax engines for sale–engines that are immediately available for purchase, depending on the type you’re looking for:

  • Duramax LB7.  The Duramax LB7 is a 32 valve, direct injection engine which had many problems including injector failure, oil leaks and blown head gaskets.
  • Duramax LLY.  The Duramax LLY is also a 32-valve design but this particular model, which first debuted in 2004, is a turbo-charged engine.  This engine was placed in both the GMC Sierra, Chevrolet Silverado and the 2006 Hummer.
  • Duramax LLY/LBC.  The Duramax LLY/LBC first came out in 2006 and was discontinued in late 2007.  This engine boasts many changes that set it apart from earlier models, including upgraded bearing material, thicker connecting rods, revised cylinder heads and block reinforcement.  This engine is also turbo-charged.

Where to Find a Duramax Engine for Sale

Over one-million Duramax engines were manufactured and sold in the United States between 2001 and 2007.  Thus, if you’re looking for a Duramax engine for your next project, it may be easier than you think to find one.  Here are just a few places you can try:

  • GM Manufacturing Plant.  You may be able to order direct from the GM manufacturing plant.
  • GM Dealers.  GM dealers that dabble in used automobiles and trucks will probably have a few Chevy Silverados or GMC Sierras lurking on their lots, which means some will probably carry the Duramax engine.
  • Other Used Car Dealers.  Go to your favorite used car lot and look for Silverados, Sierras, Hummers or even some GMC and Chevy passenger vans.  Some of these automobiles will almost certainly feature the Duramax engine.
  • Online Auction Sites.  There are hundreds of online auction sites where you can bid on used cars as well as used parts.

The Duramax engine has been a customer favorite for many years now, and although it is no longer manufactured, this gutsy engine lives on in many used cars, making it very easy to find a Duramax for sale anywhere in the country.

Photo courtesy of SoulRider.222.

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