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Where to Find a Replacement Jenn Air Cartridge

Where to Find a Replacement Jenn Air Cartridge

Is your stove or electric range getting old and worn?  Have you heard of this device called the Jenn Air Cartridge for replacing your grill top?  The Jenn Air Cartridge is a type of cook top burner systems that is revolutionizing the kitchen appliance industry.  In this article we will briefly define what the Jenn Air Cartridge is, and provide some helpful hints for locating one of these fabulous replacement devices.

What is the Jenn Air Cartridge?

The Jenn Air Cartridge is being heralded as a modern kitchen marvel, which allows you to cook directly over your cook top or grill range quickly and easily.  Made of glass-ceramic materials and designed to distribute heat evenly to all your dishes, the Jenn Air Cartridge is perfect for whatever you may be cooking.

Inside the Jenn Air Cartridge are two “ultra quick-start” elements that heat up much faster than a normal cook top appliance, with an indicator light that can help you determine the heat of each burner, and a built-in timer allowing you to cook each dish perfectly and evenly.  The cartridge is available in several different dimensions, with one guaranteed to fit even the oddest shaped range.

Where to Find a Replacement Jenn Air Cartridge

The Jenn Air Cartridge is actually very easy to find if you know where to look.  To help you with this process, here are a few suggestions you can try:

  • Check local appliance retailers
  • Ask about the Jenn Air Cartridge at major department stores
  • Search online appliance retailers
  • Check the online auction sites
  • Go through Amazon.com

The Jenn Air Cartridge usually retails for just a shade over $200 and can be found almost anywhere major kitchen appliances are sold.  Most companies will even deliver the Jenn Air Cartridge right to your door.

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