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Where to Find a Wishbone Necklace Like Jennifer Aniston

Where to Find a Wishbone Necklace Like Jennifer Aniston

When it comes to fashion, most of us wish we could have the polish and appeal of a movie star. But after the mortgage and the car payment and the groceries, there isn’t always a lot of funds we can dedicate to our wardrobe. Luckily, with the internet, you don’t have to spend like a celebrity to look like a celebrity.

Take the 2009 romantic comedy “He’s Just Not That Into You” starring Jennifer Aniston. In the film, she is seen sporting an 18K gold wishbone necklace by designer Jennifer Meyer. Although she is playing a bridesmaid while wearing the necklace, it’s Aniston that steals the scene with the help of this gorgeous pendant. Unfortunately, retail price on the necklace is upwards of $800.

If you have that kind of disposable cash, the real deal can easily be purchased at any number of upscale retailers including Barney’s New York and Dilsey Coal. But if you’re a little strapped for cash, you can find an almost identical necklace for a whole lot less.

Before you begin your search, decide what you’d like your wishbone necklace to look like. You can go with a classic gold, silver, platinum, or diamond finish. The material will, of course, dictate the cost.

If you want the look of gold but want to keep the sticker shock to a minimum, go with a gold plate. A lovely option is available at Emitations.com for well under $100. Check frequently for online sales to reduce the cost even further. The site also offers a similar style but in sterling silver for a comparable price.

If you want to reduce the cost even further, don’t forget to check out everyone’s favorite discount jewelry site, OverstockJeweler.com. Several variations on the necklace can be found on this site. Whether you’re interested in cubic zirconia or sterling silver, the pendant can be had for under $50.

There are even options for the infinitely patient shopper. If time isn’t a factor, don’t forget to check out some unconventional shopping options. This includes prowling Ebay.com for that perfect necklace. Depending on how long you’re willing to wait and how many auctions you want to add to your “watch list,” you could end up getting this phenomenal necklace at a truly phenomenal price.

And if you’re not one to sit in front of your computer and wait for the auction timer to expire, don’t dismiss Craigslist.com as a viable shopping tool. The chances aren’t as surefire that you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for, but diligent searching and a bit of luck might just pay off for you.

If you want to easily compare prices and styles, simply perform a search for “wishbone pendant” or “wishbone necklace” in Froogle.com. It’s a shopping-related search engine sponsored by search giant Google, and it will return a wealth of options. Once the search is complete, you can easily sort your results by price or relevance.

Certainly, most of us won’t ever have personal stylists or designers at a our beck and call. But with a little resourcefulness and an internet connection, we might not need them!

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