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Where to Find Driving Instructor Jobs

Where to Find Driving Instructor Jobs

Are you interested in becoming a driving instructor? Before you set out to take the training and certification courses, consider how easy it will be to find driving instructor jobs in your area. If you live in a relatively small town then you may find it somewhat difficult to land a new job; however, there are several potential employment opportunities that you may not have considered.

Your Local High Schools

While dozens of high school movies will have you believe that the angry gym coach is the one who leads the driver’s education classes, very often high schools will keep their gym coaches doing what they do best in the high school gym and they will bring in a driving instructor to get the students the proper driving instruction that they need before they are set loose on the roads.

Reach out to your local high schools to find out if they have any available driving instructor jobs; don’t forget to call outside of your school district – the wider you broaden your job search net the more likely you are to find active employment.

Driving Schools

There are many driving schools; consider doing a quick search to find a list of several driving schools that are within your area. Driving schools are often a great source for driving instructor jobs, especially during the summer months when teenaged driving students are ready to start learning how to drive. Keep in mind that being a driving instructor takes more than the ability to drive a car and remember also that the majority of reputable driving schools will require their instructors to have passed a certification course.

If you are an ambitious entrepreneur, you should give serious thought into looking into the requirements to start your own driving instruction school; while there might be several highs and lows in your stream of student drivers, you are sure to find it a great and rewarding career option.

The Department Of Public Safety And The DMV

Contacting your local departments of public safety and the DMV to find out if they have any driving instructor jobs could put you in touch with job leads. Not only will you be put in touch with potential job leads but you will also be able to determine if your current background and certification status fit within the requirements that your state has for its driving instructors.

Once you have determined that there are sufficient job opportunities for you should you start to look for driving instructor jobs, you can set out getting fully certified to become a driver instructor. Your background and driving record will also be carefully scrutinized, after all, you will not only be working with underage students but you will be taking them onto the road and teaching them how to be good and careful drivers. If you have several traffic tickets on your record, you may need to either explain them to your potential employer or prove that they have been taken care of in traffic court.

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