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Where to Find Ex Police Cars for Sale

Where to Find Ex Police Cars for Sale

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to own and drive a police car? Ex police cars offer a number of features that make them very attractive purchases on the secondary market. The following is a rundown of the different opportunities available to purchase a police car once it has been decommissioned from use by the state or local police force.

Police Car Features

Police cars are not “stock” by any means. Special additions, such as increased power and maneuverability, are invariably added to these cars to help officers do their job in the most efficient manner. Below are some of the features you can usually find in an ex police car:


Police cars are used all over the world to help safety officers respond quickly to a wide variety of calls. These cars are often marked externally with distinguishing colors that people recognize, which allows officers to move through traffic and along city streets in the most effective manner. The most commonly used colors are black and white, with the name of the agency brightly written on both doors.

Audible and Visual Warning Systems

Police cars are custom built with certain audible and visual warning systems. Lights, which are usually attached to the top of the car, flash in a variety of colors and are used to signal other drivers that a police car is approaching. In emergency situations, sirens, which are also standard in most police cars, alert drivers to pull over so as not to impede the progress of the officer.


The most common type of police car is a large sedan of some kind, but in recent years other models have also been transformed for this purpose. K-9 Units, for example, often use a station wagon or a van of some kind to make room for the dog, and in rougher, more rural terrains, sporty utility and off-road vehicles are often used.


Police cars are usually equipped with a two-way radio to allow them to communicate with dispatchers and headquarters. Some older vehicles still use a VHF/UHF signal, but more modern cars have switched to global satellite radios, as the connection is much more secure.

Onboard computers are also a feature in most modernized police cars, allowing officers to access important information stored in the police database and the Internet.

Finding an Ex Police Car for Sale

Police cars are usually only commissioned for so many miles, so once that threshold is reached, the cars are usually sold at some type of auction.

For the sake of public safety, police cars approaching the 100,000 mile mark are often taken off the road and replaced with newer models. To find one of these older cars, try the following and see what you come up with. Keep in mind, again, that the ability to purchase these cars and the methods used to sell them will vary depending upon where you live.

  • Online Car Auctions. Sometimes older police cars are sold at internet auctions. More information can be found regarding this sales method by conducting a simple search query through your search engine.

  • Live Automobile Auctions. Police agencies regularly hold auctions to sell off all sorts of police equipment and unclaimed goods, including older cars.

  • Check with the Police Department in your area for more specific information.

Owning an ex police car can be a lot of fun, but keep in mind that impersonation of a police car or officer is a serious offense, so make certain you are buying for the correct reason.

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