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Where to Find Florida Probate Forms

Where to Find Florida Probate Forms

Probate, the legal process of taking care of the administration of an estate belonging to a deceased person, works to find a resolution to all filed complaints against the estate. Another part of the probate process is the successful distribution of the late person’s estate, including all property that is included within the will. Florida probate forms can help to ensure that the will is handled in the most efficient manner and that it is also protected from fraudulent claims by any heirs or other petitioners.

Where To Find Probate Forms

If you plan on using an attorney to help you to prepare your forms then your search for forms will not be all that extensive. Your attorney will be able to retrieve all of the information from you and complete the forms on your behalf.

If, however, you are looking for the forms to complete on your own, your first stop should be to seek out the website for your nearest county court clerk’s court. The majority of courts have taken steps to place important and useful forms online so that they are readily available for those who need them. With the forms readily available online, you should not have to pay a third party company for a copy of the forms. There are all too many companies willing to take your hard earned money by selling you something that you can obtain free of charge.

Another option available to you is to pay a visit to the county courthouse clerk’s office. You will find that that have a selection of all of the forms that you may be searching for. It is important to keep in mind that the clerk’s in the county courthouse are able to provide you with the correct forms and help you to file them; however, they are not able to dispense legal advice to you should you have any questions about the forms as they are related to your unique case. If you do have questions, you will need to consult with a legal representative.

Words Of Caution

Completing your own Florida probate forms can prove to be a bit of a risky endeavor for an individual; this is due, in large part, to the legislation that was passed in the state of Florida that requires the majority of probate cases to have representation by a probate attorney – no matter how simple the probate case is.

Mistakes in completing Florida probate forms can prove to be costly. Once the petition forms have been submitted, they become a part of the record. If there is an error with the forms, an error that can only be remedied by a knowledgeable attorney, it can prove to cost significantly more to have the attorney attempt to back your forms out of the system than it would have cost if you had started the process with legal representation on your side.

Matters that wind up in probate court can be somewhat tricky to resolve so it would be beneficial to all involved parties if the Florida probate forms are completed correctly the first time by a seasoned attorney.

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