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Where to Find General Surgeon Jobs

Where to Find General Surgeon Jobs

Most people do not realize that General Surgeons focus on a patient’s abdominal organs and intestines. This includes the stomach, small bowel, liver, colon, pancreas, gallbladder, bile ducts, esophagus and sometimes even the thyroid gland. However, General Surgeons also treat patients that have a disease or ailment of their skin, breasts and torso regions.

Previously, all General Surgeons had to become board certified by the American Board of Surgery before they were allowed to study further and become specialized. However, these days it is much more common for a General Surgeon to specialize first before becoming board certified in their specific field of expertise. Most of these sub-specialties are still a part of a General Surgeons training. These sub-specialties include Trauma Surgery, Endocrine Surgery, Breast Surgery, Vascular Surgery, Colorectal Surgery, Laparoscopic Surgery and Dermatological Surgery. In order to become a General Surgeon in the United States, one has to attend medical school, followed by five to seven years in a hospital residency program. After completion of the residency program, the student is then eligible for board certification by the American Board of Surgery and will then have hospital operating privileges.

With all the different sub-specialties obtainable, it is easy for a General Surgeon to find many available general surgeon jobs. For the most part, the most common place for general surgeon jobs is inside a large hospital. Another avenue for general surgeon jobs is at smaller emergency care centers where the most popular general surgeon jobs are that of Trauma Surgeons.  Other General Surgeons will have better success by opening up their own practice and providing general surgeon jobs to other general surgeons.

If you are looking for a general surgeon job the first place that you should look is at your local hospital, clinic or emergency care center.  You can also contact the American Board of Surgery and ask them where to find general surgeon jobs.  You may already have a large network of medical associates. Consider speaking with them as well about any general surgeon jobs that they may know of.  Sometimes a referral may land you your dream general surgeon job.

There are many medical placement websites online today that list general surgeon jobs throughout the country and oversees. If you want to see the world and still be a general surgeon you could consider joining the Armed Forces as they also have a few general surgeon jobs available.

Keep in mind when you are searching for general surgeon jobs, that the location of the hospital or clinic will have a direct impact on your salary. General surgeon jobs that are in smaller and more rural areas will average about $148,796 per year; while general surgeon jobs that are in larger hospitals, in even larger cities, will have a starting salary of $272,200 per year. However, no matter where you start working as a general surgeon, after you have gained a few years of experience, your yearly pay could quite easily increase to $400,00 or more per year.

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