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Where To Find Handicap Symbol Images

Where To Find Handicap Symbol Images

You can find plenty of handicap symbols online by searching for “handicap symbol” in Google or Google Images. Many of these say “royalty free,” meaning you may use them as you please in your project. Be careful to read all of the information about the handicap symbol images you find – some may have limitations on their use. You may not be able to use them without credit to the original website or you may not be able to use them commercially.

Some handicap symbol images are licensed or paid. They may show up online in very low resolution or with watermarks, and the true images are made available to you upon payment. Paying for these images usually gives you more freedom regarding how you can use them, but you should still read all of the information about terms of use.

Custom Designed Handicap Symbol Images

If your company has an in-house designer, he or she may be able to create a customized handicap symbol for your needs. If you do not have an in-house designer, you can hire a one-time designer through a freelance agency. Hiring your own designer for a custom handicap symbol allows you to express whatever you need to express with your handicap symbol.

Though the typical symbol appears passive, many new handicap symbols are appearing that show stick figure’s arm moving the wheels of the wheelchair. Many people and disability rights organizations believe this implies independence and an agency and appreciate the new handicap symbol. A customized handicap symbol also lets you control the apparent gender of the stick figure as well as the size and color of the handicap symbol itself.

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