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Where to Find Health and Safety Pictures

Where to Find Health and Safety Pictures

Whether you’re a teacher trying to educate children, a boss trying to protect employees or a business owner trying to reduce liability, health and safety pictures can really come in handy. But where can you find these pictures and what types of pictures are available? Here we will discuss the various types of health and safety pictures available and how you can go about attaining them.

Health and Safety Pictures: Types

There is literally thousands of health and safety pictures currently available through a variety of outlets, so in the interest of brevity, let’s look solely at two of the most popular categories: Health and safety pictures for school children and those used by businesses.

Health and Safety Pictures for School Children

Health and Safety pictures for kids can be used both to educate them and keep them safe when on school property. One example of a picture used for educational purposes is the one depicting the food pyramid, showing which foods are the healthiest and which to avoid. Another is the picture depicting the various road signs used in their country with explanations of what each sign means. Regardless of the lesson, you’re certain to find an appropriate picture for your purpose. These visual displays are a great addition to standard text lessons; helping children who learn well through visual stimuli understand the main concepts you are imparting.

On school grounds, signs such as “walk,” “don’t run” and “safety goggles required” remind students of certain hazards in the area and can help keep them safe when no adult is immediately present to supervise. These signs will also help students notice other signs much like them which are found in their local community.

Health and Safety Pictures for Businesses

We’ve all seen the large orange cones with the words “caution wet floor” on them, placed on floors which were recently mopped or cleaned. These types of signs serve two very important purposes. First and foremost, these pictures help keep both workers and customers safe by alerting them to possible dangers. Second, these signs help to reduce the liability of these businesses by warning customers of the danger. If for some reason, for example, the “caution wet floor” sign was not placed on the wet floor, and someone slipped and fell on said floor, the company could be opening itself up to a personal injury lawsuit.

Where to Find Health and Safety Pictures

Health and Safety Pictures can usually be found in all of the following places:

  • School Supply Stores
  • Paper and Craft Stores
  • Stationery Outlets
  • On the Internet (Often Free!)
  • Insurance Companies

An internet or phone book search for the exact type of health and safety pictures you are looking for will usually help you find where you need to go in your area.

The next time you see a giant red “stop” sign remember this: Health and safety pictures, both for educating and keeping the public safe, are a vital and indispensable part of our society.