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Where to Find Kitten Checks

Where to Find Kitten Checks

Why settle for boring, blue checks when you can express your own personal style and love for your favorite felines with kitten checks? Filling your checkbook, wallet or purse with cute, custom, kitten checks is a fun, creative way to bring a smile to your face every time you make a bill payment. From the whimsical to the realistic, kitten check options abound. Here are some of the best places to find them.

Your Bank

Many banks issue new customers a free set of stock blue checks when they open a new account, but this does not mean that kitten lovers have to adhere to the same basic checks when it is time to reorder new books. Ask your teller about designer and personalized check options through your bank’s contracted check printers. Kitten designs are common for most custom printers, so your local bank branch is a great place to begin your kitten check search.

Discount Department Stores

Megastores have it all, from groceries and household products to pharmacies and vision centers; so why not personalized checks? Many discount department store giants like Wal-Mart offer custom check and stationary printing services via their online store. Wal-Mart’s website offers a designer kitten check series from photographer “rachaelhale,” which stars a variety of fuzzy, four-legged friends including a Red Maine Coon and a White British Shorthair.

Personalized Check Websites

A host of websites allow you to order personalized checks using your existing bank account number, bank routing number and contact information. The Artistic Checks website offers a line of “Cute Kittens” checks, which features kittens playing in flower pots and flowers, hiding in a basket and curled up around balls of yarn. For customers who like to coordinate their check accessories, the company also offers a matching checkbook cover and address labels.

If you want kitten checks, but you have a specific kitty in mind to star in the photo, Artistic Checks has a solution for that too. The website allows customers to create one of a kind checks by uploading their own photo to be featured as the background image of the check. Other personalized check printing websites with kitten check options include the following: CoolChecks, PersonalChecksUnlimited and CheapCheckStore.

Check Catalogs 

If you are not comfortable with submitting your personal banking information online to order your kitten checks, then you can find kitten checks in catalogs that specialize in custom check printing. Companies like Current allow customers go online and request a catalog to be mailed to their home. Then, you can order your kitten checks by mail or by phone with one of their representatives. You can also request a personalized check catalog from The Bradford Exchange Checks, which offers a line of kitten checks.

Animal Charities & Organizations

Working with companies to print custom checks is a fundraising method sometimes used by charities and organizations like Humane Society or local animal shelters, with portions of the funds going to support causes like the care and treatment of their cute and cuddly animals featured on the checks. Contact your local animal support group or shelter about any available opportunities to purchase kitten checks and support a noble cause.

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