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Where to Find Mopar Wheels

Where to Find Mopar Wheels

Are you looking for authentic Mopar wheels for your car, truck or van? Have you run out of ideas of where to look to find the very best deals? Due to their popularity, Mopar wheels can be difficult to locate, and if you do happen to find the perfect wheels for your car you may have to pay a hefty price. Sometimes, however, if you’re patient, you can find some fantastic deals online. Here we will give you some ideas that may make your search process a little easier.

What is Mopar?

The word Mopar is short for “motor parts” and is the parts and service division for the Chrysler company. In recent years, the term Mopar has come to define any original equipment for Chrysler’s automobile line, which includes Dodge, Plymouth, Chrysler, Imperial, AMC and Jeep. Mopar wheels are just one of the parts made and distributed for the Chrysler corporation.

Where to Find Mopar Wheels

Whether you’re fixing up your existing ride, or restoring a classic car from the Chrysler division, original parts, especially when it comes to wheels, are very important. Not only will this give your car or hot rod an authentic look, but you can ensure that the parts will fit properly and operate correctly. Below are just a few options you can try when searching for Mopar wheels:

  • Chrysler Dealership. Naturally, one of the first places to look for authentic Mopar wheels is the Chrysler company; however dealership prices tend to be high so you may want to shop around.
  • New and Used Parts Dealerships.
  • Hot Rod and Show Car specialty shops
  • Junkyards and “Pick and Pull” Yards.
  • Online. These days the internet has made it very easy to search for exactly what you need. Just type in the type and size of Mopar wheels you’re looking for and instantly see what’s available. Your search results will probably turn up a mixture of new and used wheels offered by parts dealers and brokers, as well as private parties.