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Where to Find Mud King Tires

Where to Find Mud King Tires

Manufactured by tire giant BF Goodrich, Mud King tires are a light truck tire designed for a variety of difficult conditions from mud to snow and water. They are considered an all-purpose mud tire that can take on other conditions as well.

Mud King tires are not for serious off-roading although they do well on muddy surfaces and offer decent traction on snow and ice. Mud King tires can be studded which offers additional traction on ice and will increase the ability of the tire to function well in slippery conditions. Ratings of the tire place it about average in most conditions among mud terrain tires, with better ratings on sand and on street conditions than any other type of terrain.

You can purchase Mud King tires from a variety of online sources as well as local tire shops. Although they are made by BF Goodrich, you will often see them sold under the name Medalist as well. Online sources are probably your best bet for Mud King tires as they will offer the best selection of sizes, however you might be able to have a tire shop custom order them for you. In that case, however, shopping online might save you some money.

Before you decide to order Mud King tires from an online retailer, be sure that you have the correct measurements in order to get the right size of tire. Because they are so large and heavy, Mud King tires can be expensive to ship, and you certainly don’t want to have to return them because you ordered the wrong size. A local tire dealer can help you to determine what size of Mud King tires you need, and if they can order the tires and have them delivered to the store, you might not have to pay for shipping.

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