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Where to Find One Way Window Film

Where to Find One Way Window Film

One way window film is used for several purposes; it increases the privacy of your windows and also increases energy efficiency by deflecting the sun’s rays. One window film is available in a variety of types that are available in different locations depending on what precisely you want.

The most common type of one way window film is mirror film. This is a film that creates a mirrored effect on one side of the window so that others can not see in, but you can still see out. This type of film is very common on office buildings, but has also made its way into residential use. Many home improvement stores carry it, but the commercial grade mirror film is generally harder to find. There are some online sources for it, however.

Mirrored one way window film is available in several different types and colors. Silver is common, but gold and black are also available. These colors may be more difficult to find locally, so shopping online is the best way to get the exact color you are looking for.

One way window film also varies in the level of privacy it offers. Some window film does allow people to see in if they look closely enough, at least to see movement and shadows, much like you can sometimes see a person’s eyes moving behind mirrored sunglasses. Heavier privacy window film looks exactly like a mirror from the outside, while on the inside you can see out but with a certain tint to the glass.

One of the best places to locate the widest variety of one way window film is to contact a manufacturer directly. They will not only have the best selection, but also be able to advise you on which film is right for your particular needs.

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