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Where to Find Poker Dealer Jobs

Where to Find Poker Dealer Jobs

It should go without saying that you’re more likely to find poker dealer jobs where poker is being played and dealt. If you’re not near any casinos or places that hire professional poker dealers, you won’t have much luck finding a job. On the other hand, places famous for their gambling careers, like Las Vegas and Atlantic City, will be very competitive and it will be difficult to find poker dealer jobs.

When looking for poker dealer jobs, it’s best to get creative and look for poker dealer jobs where nobody else is. Cruise ships, casino boats, and casinos on Native American reservations may all have openings for poker dealer jobs. The yellow pages, classified ads and phone calls to hiring departments of casinos are all good ways to find poker dealer jobs.

Finding Poker Dealer Jobs Online

An online search is another great way to find poker dealer jobs. A quick Google search for “poker dealer jobs” gives you plenty of results on job listing websites like SimplyHired.com and JobMonkey.com. Since poker dealer jobs are popular and in demand, there are websites dedicated entirely to helping people find poker dealer jobs. These include Poker Stars and USA Poker Jobs.

You can also often find poker dealer jobs through dealer training courses and websites that equip you with the skills and expertise you need to qualify for poker dealer jobs, like Casino Dealer College and the Dealer Training website. The qualifications you get from these places can help you find and get poker dealer jobs.

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