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Where to Find Replacement Forklift Forks

Where to Find Replacement Forklift Forks

Replacing the forklift forks on any make or model of forklift is something that must be done occasionally for a variety or reasons.  In some cases, the forks may be worn out or damaged.  In other cases, forklift forks are being replaced because the job at hand requires a different size or strength.  Either way, forklift forks are not generally something you would find at the local hardware store, so if you own or work with a forklift and need to find replacement forklift forks, you might have to do some looking.

Of course, the easiest and often fastest way to get your hands on replacement forklift forks is to contact the manufacturer of your forklift.  In some cases the forklift forks may even be under warranty, and if you are replacing them due to a problem with them you might find it is covered by the warranty.  In most cases, however, it simply makes sense to contact the manufacturer because they have easy access to the forks you need and can guarantee that you are receiving genuine parts that will fit the forklift properly.

There are some other places you can take your search for forklift forks as well, and in some cases they will be more affordable than going to the manufacturer.  There are a number of online retailers who specialize in replacement forklift forks and carry a wide variety of sizes and types to suit every need.  In most cases these companies will be happy to help you select the correct forklift forks to ensure that they will fit your forklift.  

When you start shopping for forklift forks, have your machine’s model number available so that you can be sure you are shopping the right forks.  You should also know what type of mount you require, and the particular type of forks you are seeking.  This will allow you to quickly narrow down the choices to the forklift forks that are right for your machine and for your project.  Be sure to check on the weight limit of any forklift forks you are considering and make certain it will handle the lifting you require.

Forklift forks are not a place where you want to skimp, so be prepared to pay a little more for quality.  Strong, forged forklift forks will ensure that the items you are moving around using the forklift are secure and won’t be damaged.  In some cases you will probably want to consider sticking to brand names you recognize.  While off brands might be just as good, it is harder to ensure this because of the lack of reviews and knowledge.  You are better off paying a little more to get the high quality forklift forks you need.

If you choose to order forklift forks from an online retailer, be certain to enquire as to their return policy.  As they are extremely heavy, forklift forks are very expensive to ship.  You will need to know who is responsible for return shipping costs if there is a problem. 

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