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Where to Find Rottweiler Checks

Where to Find Rottweiler Checks

The Rottweiler is a large breed of dog that originated from Rottweil in Germany.  They were referred to as Rottweil Buther’s Dogs because they were used to pull carts loaded with butchered meat to the market place, as well as being used to herd livestock.

This dog breed has a history that stems as far back as the Roman Empire. The Roman Legion would travel with their cattle and used dogs to help them herd their cattle. They travelled through Rottweil and it is believed that Rottweiler’s came from the crossbreeding of the local dogs in Rottweil with molosser dogs from England and the Netherlands.  Rottweilers were important part of daily life in the market town and many traveling butchers during the Middle Ages would tie their money pouches around their Rottweiler’s necks for protection from thieves.

However, this all came to an abrupt stop in mid-19th century, when the introduction of the railroad made it much easier to move livestock.  The breed declined so quickly that in 1900 there was only one female still living in Rottweil.

However due to the World Wars I and II, Rottweilers became in huge demand as police and security dogs. They were also used as guard dogs, draught dogs and as messengers.

The first German Rottweiler kennel club was formed in 1914, and in 1935 the American Kennel Club officially recognized the Rottweiler. During the 1990s, Rottweilers became so popular that they were listed as being the most registered dog by the American Kennel Club.

Today, Rottweilers are predominately used as search and rescue dogs and as police and guard dogs. Some Rottweilers are even used as guide dogs for the blind. Although they can weigh anywhere from 90 pounds up to 130 pounds, Rottweilers have a temperament that is laid back, obedient and eager to please. They are also known to be very devoted to their human families and are therefore excellent watch dogs and companion pets.

Rottweilers may look big and scary but they are really just a bundle of joy to have around. Their intelligence is gratifying and their demeanor is extremely pleasant. It’s no wonder that they are such a popular breed of large dog!

If you are the delighted owner of a Rottweiler, perhaps considering adopting one or are just in love with their big brown eyes and flapping jowls, then you’ll need to show off your devotion by having Rottweiler checks.

There are many different of types of Rottweiler checks available on the market today. Some checks have beautiful paintings of Rottweilers; whilst others have photographs depicting Rottweilers in all sorts of different poses, from jumping over fences to running through fields. It is easy to find Rottweiler checks by just doing a simple search using the term ‘Rottweiler checks’ on any of the internet’s search engines.

With Rottweiler checks you’ll be content knowing that your favorite dog is close at hand, ready to be pulled out at a moment’s notice whenever you need to write a check.

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