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Where to Find Solar Tiki Torches

Where to Find Solar Tiki Torches

The traditional tiki torch adds a tropical feel as well as gentle lighting to your patio, pool area or deck at night.  Solar tiki torches are the safer, more modern version of the tiki torch, which can provide the ambiance of a tiki torch without the danger of an open flame.  With both traditional wicker and more modern stainless steel models available, you can find solar tiki torches that will fit your patio’s look and provide light safely, affordably and conveniently.  

Solar tiki torches use the energy provided by the sun to power their light bulbs.  While the traditional tiki torch is of course a true torch, the solar version doesn’t use any sort of flammable material to provide light.  The power cells of the solar tiki torches absorb the energy from the sun throughout the day and use that power to provide light after dark.  This is much safer than having oil burning in your yard and is also a green choice because it uses the renewable energy of the sun rather than a non-renewable resource such as oil.  Solar tiki torches are a great choice for those looking to create an eco-friendly green home, both inside and out.

If you like the traditional look of the original tiki torch, you can find solar tiki torches that look just like the real thing.  Using bamboo or wicker to create the right look, they also have a bulb that will flicker like a real flame, giving the warmth and ambiance along with the light, while still being much safer than a real flame.  You can create the same look and feel with solar tiki torches that you would with a traditional one.  Because you don’t have to worry about the danger of a flame, it’s ok to leave them on when you aren’t home as well as to let kids and pets play around them safely.

For a little more modern look, the same shape of the tiki torch can be found in a metal version.  These solar tiki torches work in much the same way, but have a different look that fits in with more modern patio decor.  They are also highly durable and will last for many years.  Stainless stell solar tiki torches can handle all sorts of weather and continue to light up your patio cleanly and comfortably.

Solar tiki torches of both kinds can generally be purchased at stores that sell patio furniture and decor,  Many large home improvement warehouses have them, as well as small specialty stores.  If you can’t find exactly what you need locally, the internet is always a good place to look.  You will find a wide variety of solar tiki torches for sale online in any style you can imagine.  

Solar tiki torches are a modern twist on an old lighting idea.  They give your patio, pool or yard a warm, inviting light and also add to the decor of your outdoor space.  Solar tiki torches are a safe, environmentally friendly choice for backyard lighting.

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