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Where to Find the Perfect Boonie Hat

Where to Find the Perfect Boonie Hat

A boonie hat is a style most people recognize but few know the name of. It is a common hat used in military operations, and has a wide brim, similar to a fishing hat. The difference is that the boonie hat usually has a brim that is both wider and stiffer to keep it in place and prevent flopping. The boonie hat is usually meant to be part of a camouflage outfit and generally comes in various shades of camouflage pattern as well as in tan for desert use.

The boonie hat also has a bad around it that is designed to hold vegetation, allowing the wearer to have an even better source of camouflage when needed. The history of the boonie hat is generally traced to Australia, where similar hats are referred to as bush hats, or Australian bush hats. The US military took on the style of hat during the Vietnam War, and it has been a staple of the military uniform ever since.

The boonie hat is a popular choice today among hunters and fishermen, and even just for people looking for a great summer hat to keep the sun out of their eyes while working in the yard. Because of the military connection, the boonie hat manages to convey a sense of respect and power that other wide-brim hats do not.

There are a number of different sources for boonie hats. You can purchase them at many sporting goods stores, especially those that cater to hunters and other outdoorsman activities. They are also available from military surplus sources, which is a great choice if you want your boonie hat to be truly authentic. Since they have become so popular, many different manufacturers have started to make them, and they are sold from popular retailers around the world as well as through internet retailers.

Most of the boonie hat styles are made with a cotton ripstop material, which allows the wearer’s head to stay cook due to the ability of cotton to breathe and allow air to pass through. There are also some made of a nylon material which is a little more weatherproof and might be used in a situation where the weather is unpredictable and rain could occur at any time. Both types of boonie hat offer sun protection and of course the ability to provide camouflage.

Today you can still see the boonie hat in use in current military operations such as the ones in Iraq and Afghanistan. Hats of this type are military issue and therefore a military surplus store is your best bet for finding one. If you don’t much care about the hat being authentic military issue, then you can find affordable versions of the boonie hat just about anywhere. Since becoming popular with civilians, they have also been released in less military inspired colors and patterns, so that you don’t always need to be in camouflage when wearing your boonie hat. They are the perfect summer hat for just about any outdoor use.

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