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Where To Find Troll Charms

Where To Find Troll Charms

Anyone who grew up in or had kids in the eighties and nineties associates the words “troll charms” with the Trollz toys – small plastic potbellied toys with brightly colored hair. Today, however, Troll Charms are high-quality jewelry elements comparable to the charms that adorn Pandora bracelets. Troll charms are made with fine materials like gold, silver, platinum, glass, crystal and gemstones and have specialized threading holes to accommodate charm bracelets in the Troll and Pandora style.

Shopping For Troll Charms

When searching for Troll charms online, one must be careful to search specifically for the jewelry. The popular Trollz toys are still being sold, and online games such as World of Warcraft also include objects called “charms.” A good way to find Troll charms online is to do a Google shopping search for “Troll charms” or a search for “Troll beads” to eliminate many of the irrelevant results.

Narrow your search even more by searching in specific websites that carry jewelry elements. Eurobeadmart.com, Etsy.com and the official website Trollbeads.com are all good places to find beautiful Troll charms. Whether you’re looking for Troll beads in a specific color, style or theme, you’re bound to find them online.

Since some of the bright colors in Troll charms don’t show up well online, and because some Troll beads do not fit all Pandora and Troll style bracelets, you may want to see your Troll charms in person before purchasing them. The Troll charms website has a “Distributors” section that includes sellers of Troll charms in various countries. A Google search for Troll charm sellers in your area or a visit to local jewelry stores is also a good way to find Troll charms.

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