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Where to Find Used Rims For Sale

Where to Find Used Rims For Sale

Tired of those factory blah rims on your car, truck, SUV or van but don’t have a lot of money to spend on new ones? Do you want to help the environment and Go Green? Then it is time to find some used rims for sale that won’t break your budget.

Your first trip should be to a couple of tire shops to check what the going price for brand new rims will run. Why? This way you have some comparable prices to ensure that you don’t get taken for a ride for your ride. You can also browse through the rim catalogues and decide on what kind of style you want and what bolt pattern you need for your vehicle. Whilst you are there, ask to see if they have any used rims for sale off of another customers vehicle. You may find out that there is an employee that wants to sell his current rims toward a newer set. It also would not hurt to ask who they sell their used rims to.

Check the newspaper classifieds to see if there are any good deals from a private seller trying to unload rims. Sometimes the best time to check is right after the first snowstorm.  There are a lot of folks who don’t want to store a set of rims over the winter time. Thrifty classifieds are another good source year round to find used rims for sale.

Browse through the phone book for hubcap and used tire shops as they specialize in locating used rims for sale. Another place most people overlook is the local scrap yards and pick and pulls. Many times a vehicle will be in an accident and totaled out by the owner’s insurance company but the tires and rims are perfectly fine. If in doubt as to the condition of the rim, see if the yard will allow you to return them if they don’t checkout at your tire store.

The internet is a really good way to find used rims for sale as it encompasses a much larger area than just your local availability. There are many free online classified listing sites which allow posters to create free listings and in turn may offer them at a lower price. Check online auction sites but be wary of anything without a large amount of pictures as it may be a scam, different rims or damaged ones. Online aftermarket sites may have occasional listings of returns or clearance rims for sale. While online, check car enthusiast forums for your vehicle as many have trade or for sale sections that you can pick up a really nice set of used rims for sale.

All in all shopping for used rims for sale is a sound choice both economically and environmentally. You get a good deal on used rims, the seller makes a little bit of money by selling them to you by clearing out the garage and those used rims for sale don’t go to the landfill or junkyard.

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