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Where to Find Used Toy Haulers

Where to Find Used Toy Haulers

The great outdoors calls to your very soul. Come and rejoin with Mother Nature and shed the bonds and shackles of the mundane drudgery of the work week. Load up the truck and hook up the toy hauler it’s time to hit the road.

But what if you don’t have a toy hauler?

Chances are most of us can’t afford a brand new toy hauler but long for one. The best option then is to purchase Used Toy Haulers.

Toy haulers are a style of Recreational Vehicles that have the ability to transport your motorcycles, four wheelers and other all terrain vehicles to your destination. However these are more than mere trailers, they are also full service housing for after playing hard all day. Many have full size beds, toilets, showers, kitchens, full sound systems inside and out, full size generator and many other amenities including washer and dryer that make it hard to pack it all up and go home. Most of the first generation toy haulers have extreme racing themes and have dark trim packages that appeal to motocross and racing enthusiasts. If this is your sort of décor choice then that’s great, but there is another consideration to account for: your wife, girlfriend or significant other may find it a little too extreme.

What to look for in Used Toy Haulers

Price isn’t the only thing to consider when shopping for Used Toy Haulers. Options, age, amenities, size, weight capacity and what size of truck you own should be a good starting point.  A good thing to consider is a trailers age. There is no way to know how many miles were put on that trailer as there is no odometer. Closely examine the garage area for heavy abuse and fluid leaks from the current owner’s toys. This will tell you a few things about how rough or gentle they have been on it.

How large are the garage areas of Used Toy Haulers?

It doesn’t make much sense to get something that won’t hold all of your toys. If you are going to be carrying your friend’s toys as well then you may need to get something that can accommodate an extra bike or two. Does it have room for tools and a couple spare parts to keep the fun going are other considerations to keep in mind.

What kind of creature comforts do Used Toy Haulers have and what conditions are they in?

Although most of the day will be out riding and playing hard it is nice to have a decent bed to sleep in or to take a hot shower. Check out if you fit comfortably in the bathroom, shower, kitchen and bed as these are expensive features to replace or remodel.

Locating Used Toy Haulers is fairly easy. Check with local dealers, classifieds, friends looking to upgrade or browsing through online listings will reward you with many options.

Decide on what one you want and enjoy your “new” Used Toy Hauler.

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