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Where to Purchase a Fingerprint Ink Pad

Where to Purchase a Fingerprint Ink Pad

Society has changed a great deal in the last few decades thanks to advancements in modern technology. One of the areas that have seen the most advancement is forensic science. The term ‘forensic’ pertains to the use of various scientific procedures and techniques in investing crime scenes. The results are then used to help solve a crime case in a court of law. Of all the different ways that forensic science has advanced, only one area has seen considerable advancement: fingerprinting and the fingerprint ink pad.

In days gone by forensic scientists and police officers used to have to fingerprint an alleged criminal by placing the criminal’s hand into a fingerprint ink pad that was very smelly, very squishy and also contained copious amounts of black ink. The ink inside this older type of fingerprint ink pad would make fingerprinting hard as it would oftentimes smudge across the page. These ink pads contained ink that was very hard to wash off, and usually had to be actually scrubbed off of the criminal’s fingers. It was also easy to use either too much ink or far too little ink inside such an older version of the fingerprint ink pad. This would render the fingerprints unusable in most cases and, in some instances, lead to the deterioration of the entire criminal case.

One of the most widely applauded advancements in the fingerprint ink pad today, is that they no longer require the addition of lots of ink. This results in fewer to no smudges being left on the page. Criminal cases that are based off of fingerprints either found at the scene of the crime or taken from an alleged criminal can now be investigated further in the eyes of the law thanks to the newer fingerprint ink pad.

Most of the newer ink pads are constructed with a hard porous plastic surface. Such a fingerprint ink pad has the capability to capture over 100 prints per pad of ink. These are more commonly referred to as inkless pads because of their ability to leave near-perfect fingerprints with no smudge marks. In addition, the ink in this type of fingerprint ink pad actually dries instantaneously and so there is no ink residue that is left on the person’s fingers.

Besides being used by forensic scientists and police officers, the fingerprint ink pad is also used by Notary Publics whenever they are notarizing official documentation and need to take the fingerprint of their clients to validate the documentation.  Other people who use a fingerprint ink pad are bank personnel and mortgage company personnel.  In these instances fingerprints are taken to verify their client’s identity in situations where the client either wishes to withdraw large sums of money from their bank account or wishes to make other serious changes to their accounts.

A fingerprint ink pad can be purchased at almost any local office supply store. However, they can also be purchased online by doing a search using the key terms ‘fingerprint ink pad’.

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