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White Carnations

White Carnations

Carnations are one of the most popular and versatile flowers in history. Known more for their simple, elegant beauty and spicy clove-like fragrance, the Carnation has been a treasured flower for generations. First discovered by a in the Mediterranean Islands by a Greek Botanist, Theophrastus, carnations were originally thought of to be a royal, heavenly flower. They were incorporated into Carnation chains, similar to daisy chains, and used as crowns during formal ceremonies. Carnations have also earned respect among culinary enthusiasts, becoming a fragrant addition to pies and salads, or an edible enhancement for many modern wedding cakes. Historically, Carnations have been used to season beers and wines as well.

White carnations are considered to be an excellent omen and an indicator of a positive change in luck. If you are looking for a gift to send somebody who is experiencing poor health, has had a bout of misfortune, or is just feeling down and out in general, a bright bouquet of white Carnations can brighten their mood and maybe even turn their bad luck around. A bunch of white Carnations can also make a creative gift for a husband or boyfriend when they are arranged in a large beer mug filled with amber tinted stones (or green on St. Patrick’s day), instead of a vase filled with water. This creates the unique and entertaining floral arrangement resembling a foamy glass of beer, and is sure to be a hit with any beer enthusiast, or the perfect centerpiece for any sporting event or game-night get together. White carnations also symbolize purity and innocence. A bouquet of these, mixed with some springs of white baby’s breath, would make a lovely church decoration or gift for an infant’s baptism, while a bunch of these, combined with a few yellow daisies or Lilies would make a beautiful summer wedding combination.

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