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White Daisies

White Daisies

White daisies, commonly of the Shasta daisy variety, are among the most recognizable flowers, and for that reason tend to be one of the flowers most requested at the florist. The white daisy can come with either a light or dark button center, with a spray of long white petals arranged symmetrically at the border. With a rich history of romantic folklore, the rise in popularity of the white daisies began in the Victorian era when young women first began using the simple flower to determine their fates. Pulling the elongated, spoon shaped petals one at a time while reciting the age old chant of “He loves me, he loves me not,” was said to determine whether a lost love would return, or a new interest would pursue her. It was also said that the number of daisies pulled from the earth at one time would indicate the number of years left in a relationship.

Although white daisies are commonly attributed to the spring and summer, with enough mulch they can be grown and made available year round. White daisies generally give people an impression of lightheartedness, and youth. But white is also commonly accepted as a symbol of purity and innocence as well, so a bunch of white daisies can make a beautifully simple bouquet that would be the perfect gift for a baptism or first communion. White daisies are also a less audacious way of saying “I really like you.” The white daisies make a great gift for young lovers in new relationships. When exchanged in a bouquet or handpicked and displayed in a vase they have the benefit of not being as bold as roses, but instead express feelings of a more playful romance. In some cases, white daisies are said to say “I miss you,” as well. When a member of the military is deploying, a bouquet of white daisies, tied in a yellow ribbon will send a heartfelt message of hope for a fast and safe return.

Photo courtesy of Aziez Ahmed

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