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White Orchids

White Orchids

With over 25,000 different species of Orchid, and an estimated 60,000 hybrids, the Orchid is one of the most diverse flowers in the world. In fact, there is no other plant in the world that has as many different species as the Orchid does. White Orchid lovers are never short of options when selecting a flower that suits their tastes. A couple of the white Orchid varieties include the Cymbidium, the Cattleya, and the Vanilla Orchids. The Vanilla Orchid gives off a potent vanilla scent, making this type of orchid being highly sought after, however the variety of aromas and appearances found with orchids is nearly endless. This is because Orchid hybrids are developed through the process of pollination by insects, rather than being artificially developed in a lab. While this has resulted in a high number of Orchid hybrids, many Orchid varieties remain endangered, so it’s important that you obtain your Orchids from a reputable vendor.

White orchids are very elegant around the winter holidays, mimicking the winter white snowfall; however, they tend to be more accustomed to growing in more marshy or tropical environments. Perfect, also, during the warmer summer months when they are more adapted to thrive, if grown indoors and kept warm with indirect sunlight, they will easily survive through winter. Originally a symbol of lust and wealth, the orchid has become a much more accessible flower, and its popularity has since skyrocketed. White orchids are particularly beautiful in their simplicity, and send a message of purity and love. Their increased affordability has made them a sought after, but unique flower for brides at their weddings, but also makes a fantastic gift for a newly engaged couple. In many cultures, Orchids are also a symbol of fertility and maturity, and make a beautiful gift for a parent or grandparent on Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. The distinguished appearance, and sense of refinement associated with orchids is what makes them a perfect option when looking for a floral arrangement for a male.

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