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Why You Need a Water Bladder for Hiking and Camping

Why You Need a Water Bladder for Hiking and Camping

The water bladder is probably one of the oldest methods of carrying water around, and it is still in use today for good reason. Easily portable, comfortable to carry and to use, and convenient, the water bladder is the best way to stay hydrated on the go. While the design of the water bladder has changed quite a lot since the days when it was made of the hide of an animal and hung around the shoulders by a string, the concept remains the same.

Today, you can purchase a water bladder that fits into a backpack and is easily reachable via a hose that snakes around to reach your lips. This type of water bladder makes it easy to drink when you are hiking, without having to stop. The water bladder is flexible, so you don’t feel it as a hard, unyielding weight in your backpack, and will mold into your body and fit easily into even a very full backpack.

While there is nothing wrong with carrying a bottle of water or a refillable canteen, they can become unwieldy and inconvenient to carry. It is difficult to fit them into a backpack and just as difficult to locate and use them when you are thirsty. It requires stopping to rummage around in your backpack until you locate it and then getting it back in there again. Water bottles have a tendency to make their way down to the bottom of the backpack and also have an inconvenient tendency to leak once they are opened. Many backpacks have a mesh pocket on the outside for keeping your water bottle in, but it is easy for them to fall out and still difficult to grab one on the go.

A water bladder on the other hand has its own place in the backpack, and you never need to remove it except to refill it. As you hike or even cycle, you can simply sip from the hose and ensure that you stay hydrated without the hassle. For those who take long hikes or go mountain or road biking, the water bladder is almost an essential. You simply can’t stop every time you need to get some water, and having a water bladder means you don’t have to.

You will need to select a backpack that accommodates a water bladder. Some backpacks come with the water bladder already included. Make sure that the water bladder has antimicrobial properties as you don’t want bacteria building up in your fresh water supply. This is a definite advantage today’s water bladder has over the ancient design!

Be sure to select a water bladder that is large enough for the length of time you plan to use it. It may not be possible to refill it while you are out hiking, camping or biking, so fill it before you go and be aware of when it will run out. Clean fresh water in a water bladder will keep you hydrated and ready for the next leg!

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