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Wild Bachelorette Party Ideas

Wild Bachelorette Party Ideas

Bachelorette parties are supposed to be a blast for the bride-to-be and her friends. It’s her last night as an unmarried woman, and as her friend, it’s your job to make sure you give her a proper send off. What this means varies from person to person, so it’s important to be aware of the person you’re throwing the Bachelorette Party for. Most brides-to-be dream about a wild uninhibited night with her closest friends. No matter what, the main objective of the night is to make sure everybody has a great time. It may seem like a difficult task, but throwing a wild Bachelorette parties is easy. The key is to get creative.

The More Risqué The Better

For many brides-to-be, a wild Bachelorette party means the more risqué the better. This can mean anything from hiring male dancers dressed in sexy police attire surprising your Bachelorette at the door, to going out dancing and drinking at a local hotspot. Pool parties can be a fantastic way of throwing a wild Bachelorette party for more conservative women. These can be especially fun if you hire a DJ to provide the tunes. If you live in a big city, and your bride-to-be is expecting the more traditional definition of wild and crazy, then a male strip club might be the perfect option. Many bars and clubs offer discounts or free drinks to large parties and Bachelorette parties, and some even get the Bachelorette up on the bar to introduce her to the bar crowd. Renting a limousine can really amp up the experience by giving the night a truly extravagant feel, but nothing makes a wild Bachelorette party like kinky party favors. Most adult novelty stores carry a large selection of Bachelorette-themed party goods like adult suckers, sex toys, whips, ball and chains, exaggerated rings, and shot glasses.

Breaking the Ice

A great way to break the ice at a wild Bachelorette party is to come up with silly nicknames and nametags for all the party guests. “Slutty Suzy” or “Big-Booty Betty” can then battle over who buys the first round of shots. Naughty scavenger hunts and truth-or-dare games are a blast and when played at a bar can often take on a life of their own. Another way to add to the excitement of a wild Bachelorette party is to provide humorous outfits for the bride-to-be and bridal party to wear. Shirts that solicit money or drinks for the bride are typically the biggest hit. Crowns and veils and Bachelorette sashes are also popular.

For the More Conservative Wild Bachelorette Party

Of course, the wild Bachelorette party isn’t for everybody, so make sure you know the bride-to-be’s limits. If a wild night out on the town sounds overwhelming for your bride-to-be, another great option might be a Spa Bachelorette party complete with wine and snacks. Furthermore, it’s often best to keep the truly wild plans and party favors private until the party group is at a safe distance from any of the more conservative relatives. Pulling out adult themed goodies in front of parents and grandparents might create an awkward tension, and offend some individuals.

Final Thoughts and Tips

A few final words of wisdom: No matter how you decide to throw your wild Bachelorette party, one of the most important things you can do is to do your best to make sure everyone feels included and is getting along. Many brides-to-be will become preoccupied with friends who appear to be left out and will forget to enjoy their own party. If you decide to bring a camera to the party, be aware that the bride-to-be may be hesitant about the pictures getting out. Be sure to okay the pictures with her before sharing them with anybody else to avoid any conflict. And, of course, the number one rule of throwing a wild Bachelorette party is to always be sure to secure a safe ride home.