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Wooden Loft Ladder – How to Buy or Build

Wooden Loft Ladder – How to Buy or Build

No matter what size home you have, it’s likely that you want to use every square foot of space effectively. From organizing and establishing the storage in your garage to maximizing functionality of your guest bedroom, every area of your home offers valuable space for you to utilize. Your loft, however, probably poses a challenge. It’s way up there, and you’re way down here. So how do you take advantage of the ample space in your loft when it’s so difficult to reach? If adding a new stairway is not suitable for your small space, or within your budget, another option is the wooden loft ladder.

Loft ladders are designed to be minimally invasive to your space, and sturdy enough to stand up to daily wear and tear. Wooden loft ladders are the most commonly preferred style because they tend to look much more natural in their indoor surroundings. They’re also much quieter than their metal alternatives, and the smoothness of the rungs provides a more natural grip. Whereas metal ladders often have flat rungs with grooves to help prevent slipping, wooden ladders offer a smoother more comfortable surface, which is beneficial when you consider how often you’ll be using the ladder to access your loft. This type of loft ladder is also great because it is relatively inexpensive when compared to the cost of building a staircase, and the simple design makes them easy to build on your own if you prefer.

Building a Wooden Loft Ladder

One of the benefits to building your own loft ladder is that you can custom create it to meet your exact needs. You can choose to build your wooden loft ladder straight from scratch. This allows you to have control over everything from the wood and finish right down to the brand of screws. There are many books available to you if this is the route you’d like to take, as well as a vast array of tutorials online that show you step by step how to assemble a wooden loft ladder from scratch. This option is recommended for those who are already skilled in woodworking, as opposed to those who consider themselves beginners, especially since safety is an important feature for every ladder and a misplaced screw can cause damage or injury. Fortunately, loft owners also have the option of purchasing a wooden loft ladder kit. There are a multitude of wooden loft ladder kits available. These are ideal for those who would prefer to have more options when choosing their ladder.

Buying a Wooden Loft Ladder

If you’re not quite the kind of handy-man who’s comfortable constructing your own wooden loft ladder, or would feel more comfortable with the reliability and security of purchasing a pre-made wooden loft ladder, you have a good variety of options to choose from that are sure to meet your needs. One style, similar to attic ladders, folds up and out of the way. This is especially nice for small spaces where even a regular stationary wooden loft ladder is too invasive. It is probably not the best option for more open and accessible loft styles that are used on a more frequent basis. Stationary wooden loft ladders tend to be better for these more heavily used lofts. Since the stationary loft ladders take up more space than the fold up style, there is more attention paid to their aesthetic qualities, some almost to the point of being an artistic piece. They are not meant to be folded up or stored away and are therefore always visible, creating a need for more stylish and congruent appearance, while still maintaining functionality and sturdiness.

A loft is the perfect space to convert into storage, a home office, or just a personal getaway. If you are under-utilizing this space due to a lack of accessibility, wooden loft ladders can help provide you with a way to travel easily between your loft and the rest of your home. With the option to build from scratch, use a kit, or buy your ladder already assembled, there’s no longer any excuse for not taking full advantage of that extra space.

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