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Yellow Daisies

Yellow Daisies

The term “daisy” comes from the Anglo-Saxon term “daes eage,” translated to mean “day’s eye” for the way it greets the morning sun with open petals, and seemingly goes to sleep as the sun sets. The concept behind the name is recognized in its simple but graceful presence, which has been recognized and recorded through the ages by the words of poets and masterpieces of artists and with over 20,000 species of daisies available, their options for inspiration have been almost endless. Their ability to withstand the pressures of cooler climates makes them easily available to florists and wholesale vendors year round, allowing those who love daisies to tailor their bouquets to fit any occasion. Yellow daisies can be either Chrysanthemums, which have yellow or green centers and are cousins to the Gerbera Daisy, or a Gerbera Daisy, which will have a darker center and more closely resemble a sunflower. Yellow daisies are perfect in this case, because yellow can be mixed in with warmer colors to make an autumn themed bouquet, but also fit nicely in any bright, summery arrangement.

Because yellow daisies can make very versatile gifts, they have grown in popularity over recent years. Yellow flowers signify friendship, while daisies symbolize youthful lightheartedness and simplicity. Sending somebody a bouquet of yellow daisies says that you value their friendship and feel a strong bond with them. Yellow daisies are a perfect gift to send new friends or people whom you hope to develop a friendship with, such as new neighbors or a friend or family member’s recently engaged fiancé. Paired with some red and orange flowers, they help create a striking Thanksgiving centerpiece for your dinner’s hostess. When paired with white daisies, yellow daisies are a great gift for military personnel’s deployment, with the yellow daisies representing yellow ribbons, and the white daisies saying, “I’ll miss you.”

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