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Yellow Lilies

Yellow Lilies

There are almost 90 different types of Lilies in the Liliaceae plant family. While the majority of these Lilies are native to North America, the original Easter Lily, a two-toned white Lily with a yellow center, first originated in Japan. Lilies were generally unavailable in the United States until World War I, when a soldier returned home to Oregon with some Lily bulbs, and began sharing them. When America entered World War II, Americans no longer had a steady supply of Lily bulbs, and the flower became very rare and expensive. Their popularity inspired growers to begin Lily nurseries, and their production skyrocketed soon after. Since then, Lilies have seen a noticeable rise in popularity. They have been adopted by the Catholic Church as the symbol of spiritual purity and are meant to signify the resurrection of Christ and even the Virgin Mary herself.

Yellow Lilies are the perfect flower to remember loved ones by, as Lilies are ideal for sending or expressing your most sincere statements of sympathy. A beautifully arranged display of Yellow Lilies not only makes a beautiful church decoration, but symbolizes a pure heart, and a cherished friendship that will be missed. Yellow Lilies are also a wonderful gift to give a close friend who has just experienced a difficult loss as well, as it is a symbolic way of reminding the recipient of the strength and support you offer through your mutual friendship. Of course, yellow Lilies are not only appropriate during a time of loss, but can be used in times of happiness as well. Since they are found frequently in the summer time, they are great for sending summertime cheer to somebody who may me sick and stuck indoors. Yellow flowers are a wonderful option when looking for an arrangement to send anybody whom you cherish. Yellow Lilies in particular will let your friends, both new and old, know that you hold their friendship in high regard.

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