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Your Best Options for a Universal AC Adapter

Your Best Options for a  Universal AC Adapter

A universal AC adapter is a highly useful tool in today’s world where we all rely on a wide variety of electronic devices for our business as well as our personal use.  With a good universal AC adaptere, you will have the ability to charge the devices you use every day even if you don’t have the adapter that came with it.  There are many different universal AC adapter options on the market today, and it can be quite overwhelming when you look at all the choices.  It is helpful to start by determining exactly which devices you need a universal AC adapter for.

The most common universal AC adapter on the market is a laptop adapter.  These are designed to charge laptops from a wide variety of maunfacturers as well as to provide ongoing power to the machine.  Many laptop adapters are also universal AC adapters for a number of other electronic devices as well, including cell phones and MP3 players.  If you have a number of devices and want one adapter to charge them all, this is the type you will want to purchase.

An all-purpose universal AC adapter is the perfect way to reduce the number of cords you need to carry with you when you travel.  With one adapter you can charge your laptop, your phone, your music player and in many cases even a digital camera or other device, depending on how your camera is plugged in.  Be sure to verify which devices the adapter will work on before you purchase it and test it on all of the items you want to use it on prior to leaving on your trip.  If it doesn’t work, you will be stuck with a dead battery for the entire duration of your vacation or business trip, or have to go buy a new adapter wherever you are, which can be expensive.

A good universal AC adapter should come with interchangeable prongs that will fit different sized holes in order to charge all of the items in question.  Bear in mind that many items today, especially cell phones and smart phones, use a USB style adapter plug in order to charge.  Some of the older universal AC adapters on the market have not caught up to this change in the technology.  Be sure to verify that it has the plug you need.

If you travel outside of the country you will need even more from a universal AC adapter.  Some countries have every different standards for the voltage of their outlets and use different prong systems.  Before you go, check to see if you will be able to even plug in the universal AC adapter you have.  If not, you will need another adapter that allows the plugs with US prong systems to be used in other countries.  You will need to do this for all electronics from laptops to hair dryers!

The right universal AC adapter is an affordable way to stay powered up on the go.  With all of the devices we depend on today, it’s a good thing to have around.

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