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Your Guide to Eastern Financial Florida Credit Union

Your Guide to Eastern Financial Florida Credit Union

Formerly known as Eastern Financial, this credit union recently changed its name to Space Coast Credit Union. Members of Easter Financial Credit Union can continue to use all of their cards including debit and credit as well as checks. Aside from the name, the credit union promises that nothing else about their services will change. Eastern Financial Credit Union members can still count on their financial institution for friendly, low cost financial services.

Eastern Financial Credit Union was established in 1937 to serve Florida residents and has continued to do so ever since. The recent change followed the credit union being placed into conservatorship in 2009 by the National Credit Union Association to ensure continued service and safety of all accounts, which are federally insured. The change to Space Coast Credit Union solidifies the standing of all Eastern Financial accounts and ensures that service will continue uninterrupted.

Just like at Eastern Financial, members of Space Coast Credit Union will enjoy a wide variety of financial services. The credit union provides all day to day banking operations including checking and savings accounts and access to ATMs and twenty four hour banking by phone. Online banking services are also available to all Eastern Financial clients via the new Space Coast Credit Union website.

Credit cards and loans are also available services for Eastern Financial members that will not change, although all new application will not be processed through the Space Coast Credit Union and new credit cards will bear that name and logo. Access to your old accounts with Easter Financial may have changed, so contact the credit union directly if you have questions about your credit card accounts.

The combination of the two credit unions means that Eastern Financial members now have access to an even wider selection of ATMs and branch locations; there are more than 60 branch locations to serve members and over 140 ATMs members can use. This means that the service is even better than it was before and Eastern Financial members will find that accessing their accounts is even easier than ever before.

If you had a home loan with Eastern Financial or an auto loan, there should be no changes to your loan terms, although the name on your loan may change. For questions regarding your loan specifically, it is best to contact the credit union directly to get the most accurate and up to date information.

Space Coast Credit Union has set up an entire section of their website for Eastern Financial Credit Union members to find all of the answers to their questions. They also have special phone lines open to deal with questions regarding the change. It is anticipated that all changes will go smoothly and the credit union staff are all prepared to help Eastern Financial members understand the changes and ensure that all of their accounts are safe and in good standing. Credit union members should expect that all day to day banking operations will continue as before and most people will not encounter any issues.

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