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Your Guide to Expensive Engagement Rings

Your Guide to Expensive Engagement Rings

An engagement ring is not only an expression of love, but is also an investment. Many expensive engagement rings can take a lot of time to select and of course a lot of money to pay for. Some people may have the money to purchase expensive engagement rings outright, but in many cases financing options are available as well.

When shopping the many expensive engagement rings on the market, it’s important to know what you are looking at and where your money is going. Remember that size of the diamond is not the only factor going into the value of an engagement ring. A large stone that is flawed may in fact be less valuable than a smaller stone that is without flaws or at least as fewer noticeable flaws. When you start looking at expensive engagement rings, you should take the time to learn about the rating system that is used for diamonds so that you can be sure you are getting your money’s worth.

Quality is not the only thing to know about the diamond set into expensive engagement rings. There are also cut and color. All diamonds are in fact graded according to a system of cut, color, carats and of course clarity. These are considered the four c’s of diamonds, and you should not start your search for expensive engagement rings until you have a basic knowledge of what they mean. Cut describes the shape in which the diamond is cut. Princess cut, brilliant cut and emerald cut are just a few of the possibilities. You should know which cut your bride to be prefers!

Color is precisely what it sounds like, the color of the diamond. While in most cases a clear diamond is preferred, there are some beautiful colored diamonds as well. Carat refers to the size of the stone. Carat weight for expensive engagement rings usually appears a total carat weight (TTW) meaning all of the stones on the ring combined. The center stone’s carat weight may be listed separately as well. Clarity of course refers to the quality, the flaws seen in the diamond. For expensive engagement rings, it is preferred that no flaws be visible to the naked eye. These are also referred to as “inclusions”. Thus a ring might be “very slightly included” (VSI) or slightly included (SI) among other possibilities.

Expensive engagement rings generally derive their value from the stones in the ring, but of course the designer of the ring and store where you purchase it make a difference too! Diamonds from big names in the industry such as Tiffany’s will make for much more expensive engagement rings. It will also mean a very impressed woman when you pull out that box!

Remember that expensive engagement rings need to be insured! When you purchase a ring, contact your insurance agent. A floater policy designed for jewelry such as expensive engagement rings can usually be added to your homeowner’s policy to protect your investment against theft or damage in any other way.

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