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Your Guide to Wagner Brakes

Your Guide to Wagner Brakes

Wagner brakes are one of the biggest names in the entire brake industry, and are considered to be among the best. Whether you are looking for passenger vehicle brakes or hydraulic parts, Wagner brakes can provide everything you need. With unparalleled stopping power, Wagner brakes are well known for ensuring safety in all types of braking situations, making them a favorite of mechanics and car enthusiasts alike.

Wagner brakes are available for most different models of passenger cars. Because each car has manufacturer-specific requirements for the braking system, Wagner designs their brake pads to those exact specifications to ensure that the brakes will work exactly as they should. Using cutting edge technology, Wagner brakes are created with precision to conform exactly to your car’s braking needs and ensure the best stopping power available.

Wagner brakes come in three different lines of passenger vehicle brake pads and shoes. The Thermoquiet system is a patented line of brake pads and shoes that allow excellent stopping power with incredibly quiet performance. Laser shaped friction technology makes these some of the most advanced brake pads on the market today and a top pick for those who want the best in stopping as well as quietness.

Wagner brakes are also available in the Quickstop line, which provides the best in stopping performance although they might not be as quiet as some other lines of brakes. The superior stopping power of these Wagner brakes make them the best choice for those who need quick, accurate stopping and aren’t concerned about the noise.

The Guardian line of Wagner brakes is the most affordable and economical model. They are most popular with older vehicles and any situation where the cost is as important a factor as stopping power and noise level. These are the least quiet of the Wagner brakes line, but they continue to offer the quality stopping ability for which Wagner brakes are known.

Wagner brakes are also available for light to medium duty commercial vehicles. They have brake pads and shoes for over 170 such applications ranging from Class 2C to Class 6 vehicles. This makes them one of the most popular choices in this market segment as well. For commercial brakes, Wagner offers the Guardian and Thermoquiet lines as well as the SevereDuty line of brake pads and shoes which are the strongest available for medium-duty applications.

Wagner brakes guarantee great stopping power and the highest quality in brake pads and shoes on the market today. The various lines are designed to meet the needs of many different vehicles with multiple applications and purposes. You can find Wagner brakes for just about any current model and most older models on the road today, from domestic to foreign cars. Your investment in Wagner brakes is a great choice, whether you want to ensure the safety of your family on the road, or make sure that your business runs – and stops – smoothly. Wagner brakes are known for being the best for good reason, and many drivers and experts trust them to deliver every time.

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