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Zebra Ottoman Types

Zebra Ottoman Types

Whether you’re looking to spice up a drab room with a small splash of zebra print or go all out with a retro jungle vibe, a zebra ottoman might be just the thing! Ottomans are small pieces of furniture, so the busy jungle print can add a lovely accent without overpowering the décor. When considering adding a zebra ottoman to your décor, it’s best to consider the various types of zebra ottoman types available.

Zebra Ottoman Colors & Fabrics

The first thing to consider when purchasing a zebra ottoman is the material it is made out of. For a child’s room or a playroom in a jungle print theme, you may want something that is stain resistant or durable, while living rooms and other areas call for classier and more high maintenance fabrics like leather or suede. Zebra ottomans in faux fur or even plastic may be fun, funky additions to a room if the look of materials like leather and suede doesn’t suit you.

The color of your zebra ottoman is another thing to consider. Zebra print in the classic white and black is best for rooms with muted or classic décor, but younger kids or lounge style rooms might look good with a brightly colored zebra ottoman to accent other colors in the room. Blue, green, orange and purple look good against black for a bright, zebra-print addition to a room.

Zebra Ottoman Sizes

Zebra ottomans come in various shapes and sizes, which you should take into account when purchasing a zebra ottoman. Think about where the zebra ottoman will go in your home and figure out what size and height it needs to be in order to fit properly. A zebra ottoman that is too small will look silly and be difficult to rest your feet on, and one that is too large may overpower the furniture.

Ease of movement is another thing to consider when deciding on a size for your zebra ottoman. If it is for a child’s room, will it be a safety hazard if your child can move it to climb on top of things? If it is for a living room, do you want your zebra ottoman to stay put in front of one piece of furniture, or do you want it to be light enough to move around depending on where you want to sit? Are you concerned that your zebra ottoman will make dents in your carpeting if it is too heavy? Considering the practicalities of zebra ottoman size helps you choose the best type for you.

Zebra Ottoman Shapes & Styles

Zebra ottoman shape and style should also be considered. Do you want a round one, a rectangular one, or a square? Do you want rounded corners or sharp angles on your zebra ottoman? Different shaped corners have an impact on how your zebra ottoman will fit in with your décor, but you should also consider practicality. Small children can get hurt on sharp corners, but round zebra ottomans may not provide the best way to rest your feet. Consider exactly what your zebra ottoman will be used for when choosing what shape of zebra ottoman to buy.

Zebra ottomans also come in a variety of styles. Should it be entirely zebra print, or should it have wooden or metal accents along with the zebra print fabric? Again, think about the room where your zebra ottoman will go and choose the type that best suits your décor needs. Sometimes a zebra ottoman covered entirely in zebra print is too much, but other times, metal accents or wooden legs on a zebra ottoman will clash with the furniture you already have.