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Zip Line Kits – Everything You Need to Know

Zip Line Kits – Everything You Need to Know

Zip lines are simple means of transportation, designed to carry people and equipment over difficult terrain. They consist of a pulley that is mounted on a cable extended between two locations, either on an incline or straight across, and use the laws of gravity to propel the individual or cargo from point A to point B. By allowing a little bit of sag in the chord, the weight of the cargo will hold the chord down just enough to create a slight incline. This helps propel the trolley from one end of the chord to the other, while the upward incline at the opposite end of the chord simulates a breaking motion by slowing down the speed of the pulley until the individual or object reaches a gradual stop. The great thing about zip line kits is that they require no electricity to operate, and can work in nearly any terrain.

These zip lines are extremely useful in military situations where the terrain can be dangerous or unappeasable, and also come in handy during scientific expeditions in areas such as the rainforest or mountains, where exploration at a greater height is ideal. Of course, zip lines aren’t just for scientists and military personnel. This is why zip line kits are great. From kids at camp to outdoor adventure enthusiasts, zip line kits provide everyone from with the ability to experience this easy and enjoyable form of transportation.

Zip Line Kits for Personal Use

Zip line kits can provide hours of playtime fun for children, as they soar across long distances by gripping a pulley that has been situated on a low hanging chord. This makes them the perfect addition to playgrounds and backyards. If you’re looking for a simple kit to install in your backyard for this purpose, there are a variety of zip line kit options available. Most zip lines used for these situations are going to have handles for individuals to grip, rather than safety harnesses or seats. Because they are designed to be positioned low to the ground, they do not involve the same risk factors as a zip line positioned amongst rainforest canopies, or between rock edges. Still, with backyard zip line kits, it’s important to locate an end point that allows the individual riding to land safely with both feet reaching the ground. In some cases, zip lines can be positioned over bodies of water, allowing individuals to ride the trolley to the center of the water, then release the trolley and cannonball in.

Zip line kits are also available for individuals interested in mountain or tree climbing, or hiking. These zip cords are designed to be much faster and safer than those used in playgrounds or backyards, as it is likely the operator will be at a much greater height while using the zip line. Added safety features like harnesses, thicker chord, weather proofing, and breaking systems, help ensure that the passenger can focus on the ride and destination.

Where to Purchase a Zip Line Kit

Zip line kits can be purchased at many online retailers, as well as most large sporting retailers. You can also build your own zip line using a large, secured chord, and trolley. Always follow manufacturer’s instructions for assembling a zip line in order to ensure maximum safety. If assembled poorly or used incorrectly, zip lines can be dangerous.

As with any sporting equipment, zip line kits are specially designed to be used in specific environments. It is therefore unwise to purchase a zip line kit designed for backyard use if you intend to use it while exploring the Rockies. Similarly, there’s little point in investing in the high-end zip line kits designed for mountaineering if you only intend to use it recreationally in small, low spaces. But in the end, no matter which zip line kit you decide on, you’re sure to enjoy the ride.